Facial Recognition

Fastest event check-in imaginable with maximum event security

Avoid event cancellation due to the Coronavirus outbreak with virtual events. LEARN MORE
Trusted By World-Class Businesses

Simple Enrollment

Fully integrate with Boomset's registration platform or integration channels
Use for event entry, session access, and sharing contact information or feedback
Biometric data is deleted post-event

High-Speed Check-In

Event entry via face recognition without any additional equipment or setup
iOS or Android compatible
No tickets or registration confirmation necessary

Ultimate Security & Access Control

Mitigates the risk of swapped or passed-back credentials
Minimizes the ability to replicate or produce additional tickets or confirmation
Additional measure of access control to improve event security

Badgeless Data  & Feedback Collection

Quick lead capture at high-traffic booths or booths with limited staff
Go badgeless with interactive product kiosks to capture feedback
Biometric data is deleted but exhibitors and sponsors can export their lead information

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