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[[en]]Intuitive solutions - unified on one platform - and designed to make live experiences better.[[de]]Intuitive Lösungen – vereint auf einer Plattform – für verbesserte Live-Erfahrungen entwickelt.[[fr]]Des solutions intuitives regroupées sur une seule plateforme pour transformer l'expérience des visiteurs.[[es]]Soluciones intuitivas, unificadas en una única plataforma y diseñadas para mejorar las experiencias en vivo.

Better experiences with Boomset

Easy self-check-in kiosk stations encourage attendees to view open/available workshop sessions on Boomset Smart Screens and edit/reprint their schedule right then and there!

See how Boomset can streamline your on-site experiences to maximize each and every unique event's potential.

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THEY LOVE the Boomset Way
In the 15 years I have worked in events, I haven't had a more seamless check-in experience. Boomset is absolutely the best on-site check-in process to date.
Lauren Sommers, Gainsight
Boomset is the perfect solution to manage attendee check in. Using the platform has allowed us to quickly and seamlessly welcome guests to our Event Tech Talk events and ensure we have an accurate fire record to comply with both venue and our insurance requirements.
Adam Parry
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